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    GPS and National Security

    source:Industry News release time:2022-09-26 Hits:     Popular:realtime gps tracker online


      In recent international news reports, people often find that countries are increasingly using sophisticated technology to obtain other countries' classified information. Taking Asia as an example, there are spy satellites from the United States, Japan and other countries in the sky, many detection ships at sea, hundreds of monitoring stations from various countries on the island, and super-large radars in the bases. Against this background, China has continuously discovered foreigners conducting illegal surveying and mapping in China in recent years. They do it for different purposes, but one thing is for sure, it endangers China's national security. In April last year, the Institute of Integrated Geoenvironmental Sciences of Japan sent four Japanese to conduct illegal surveying and mapping in the area of Lake Aibi in the northwest of Xinjiang. They carried GPS (Global Positioning System) to collect geographic data around Lake Aibi, a move that caught the attention of the local police. After the national surveying and mapping department intervened in the investigation, it was found that they had collected geographic data of 25 points, which violated China's laws on surveying and mapping by foreigners in China. The four Japanese have been given a time limit to leave the country and fined. After the incident, Tian Gaominlong, the director of the institute, went to Xinjiang to express his apology and self-reflection. A more serious one happened in 2006. Under the leadership of the director of the Japan Co., Ltd. Land Information Technology Research Institute, Lin Chengxing, privately set up a GPS on the roof of a resident less than 100 meters away from Xinjiang Hotan Airport. The equipment acts as a fixed station, and another GPS receiver acts as a mobile station, which accurately obtains the specific data of the geographic location of the area. Nowadays, many people have a misunderstanding. They feel that technology is so advanced now that Google satellite maps can provide high-definition field image services for free. Mountains and rivers, bungalows, high-rise buildings, highways and railways can be clearly seen. Satellite positioning It is also gradually being used in large quantities for commercial services. What secrets do geographic data have! ? But in fact, what Google provides is just an image map, just an image from a bird's-eye view. If it is really used in military and scientific research, it is necessary to have specific data such as plane coordinates and altitude in order to correctly determine the target and position. Only in the military does it really have the practical value of hitting the target. In my country's excavator industry, more and more companies are installing and using excavator-specific GPS intelligent service systems, which are becoming more and more common. On the one hand, it is to meet the needs of financial management, and on the other hand, it can provide real-time and remote equipment details for after-sales service departments and excavator owners, so that they can keep abreast of the working conditions and faults of the excavator. However, the GPS intelligent service system dedicated to the excavator has the functions of three-dimensional precise positioning, remote transmission of various data information, and remote locking of the car. If a large number of GPS intelligent service systems controlled by foreign parties are installed on excavators under construction in our country, it will cause major hidden dangers to our national security. These GPS intelligent service systems installed on excavators are very likely to leak our important strategic intelligence. content device. Because the GPS intelligent service system has the function of remote locking, the controller may paralyze a large number of projects at any time. Take a Japanese-funded enterprise as an example. The company produces and sells thousands of excavators every year. There are tens of thousands of excavators under construction scattered on 9.6 million square kilometers of land in China. GPS intelligent service system is installed. Since the servers supporting the system are located abroad, all the collected data is sent to Japan, and a small part of the data after processing or filtering is sent back to China. This is a serious violation of Chinese law and should be taken seriously by other companies. The illegal acquisition of geographic data of three-dimensional coordinates through the GPS intelligent service system on the excavator violates at least the promulgated "Law of the People's Republic of China on Surveying and Mapping" and the "Interim Measures for the Administration of Surveying and Mapping by Foreign Organizations or Individuals in China". To this end, it is recommended to strengthen the supervision of the GPS intelligent service system for excavators that involves national security, manage the openness and confidentiality of the system at different levels, and formulate strict application scope; support domestically developed GPS intelligent services with independent intellectual property rights. system, and actively promote and apply it; in construction projects involving military and important strategic facilities, strictly restrict the use of foreign brands or joint venture brand equipment...; in the formulation of GPS intelligent service system standards, as well as system development and Promotion, supervision, management and other aspects should give full play to the role of industry associations.

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